“Doing what I do for Love” may sound like a common expression.
The point is to seriously try to do it and enjoy what happens then.




For several years Gallup has been reporting that over 80% of the workforce in the world spend most of their time doing things that don't matter for them. The vast majority of employees worldwide, no matter the job position, report an overall negative experience at work.


This creates mental and physical dysfunctions, and diseases in people, inefficiency, costly, and hard businesses. A huge number of those people don’t try to find other alternatives, for many different personal believes and the feeling well-ingrained that they can lose their job if they try to change something (which is a natural and understandable feeling).


The old organizational and socio-economic paradigm has based business development on that pattern of fear.


The good news is that our recent technological age of internet and digital development is allowing Humans to evolve in an era of better access to knowledge, and continuous increase of our mobility, autonomy and our ability to relate and do things with others. We can be aware much easier of our enormous potential, and we can connect with the world and achieve amazing things inspired by purposes bigger than ourselves.


The organisations of new generation have understood that to ensure the sustainability of their businesses they need to focus on Human Being considered as the one who create value, and not any longer as an additional resource. He / She is the client, the internal customer and the external provider of any organization.


In that sense, the organizations of new generation are focusing their strategies on serving the Human Being, to satisfy his / her needs of being inspired, of knowledge, of communication, of interacting with others, of developing and creating value by expressing his /her best potential in the best conditions: Doing what they do for love of what they do.


This reality explains why the organizations of new generation are seriously interested in generating authentic buy-in from their stakeholders - employees, customers, suppliers, etc. - building relationships based on shared purposes more than on goals. In that context, their clients contribute to the highest turnover. Their collaborators act with an AUTHENTIC commitment to work harnessing their best potential to achieve the highest standards of excellence in everything they do, helping the organization to be in the vanguard and to go further in the creation of value.


In COLABOREMOS we believe that if each individual and every organization does what it does for love of what it does, the world will definitely be better. That is why all our actions every day are aimed at contributing to make that world a reality.



Building Organizational Cultures of New Generation 
 for our customers to go further in creating value,
doing what they do for love for what they do. 

That is the reason why COLABOREMOS exists.



Do it for love !


          Arturo Uscátegui Restrepo





Ils sont nos guides et les juges de la qualité dans tout ce que nous faisons ! Ils permettent à nos clients de savoir ce qu’ils peuvent attendre de nos prestations, et à nos partenaires d’être informés sur le type de comportement que nous attendons de leur part.




Agir depuis la présence à chaque instant 



Partager une vision et incarner des valeurs, sans que cela soit un périmètre de séparation pour les autres



Optimiser grâce à des petites améliorations continues et de manière incrémentale en réalisant plus avec moins, en étant pertinent plus que rapide dans la création et la transmission de valeur



Collaborer pour qu’il y ait une vraie équipe, des collaborateurs avec un engagement véritable et des clients par adhésion



Observation, écoute, compassion et solidarité pour agir avec la meilleure compréhension de la situation et/ou de la personne



Privilégier le croisement d’idées en croisant les regards pour faire émerger la qualité et la pertinence



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